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Please read all terms of service before you use the graphics from this website!

The taking apart of graphics contained within these themes and not using them as a whole (as is) is strictly prohibited! Anyone using partial graphics from these themes by only using part of the original code (i.e. only headers, only buttons, or only backgrounds) will be asked to remove them from their profile (unless given permission for use by creator). The images within these themes are custom created for this website's custom themes only, they are not for use with your own backgrounds (unless specific themes are made for use of your own background and are marked for that type of use), taking them apart would be a violation of terms of service and results in not giving credit to the creator! The coding and graphics contained in the themes on this website are property of the creator and are not to be copied, taken apart, claimed as your own creation, or used as a partial snippet of coding to get only the benefit of certain graphics from a theme, as stated above. I do hate to be strict with the themes, but found that many users are using the graphics, using bandwidth, and have only taken the links to graphics contained in the layouts to customize their own profile. This is resulting in no credit being given to the creator of the theme, no one can tell where the theme came from in the source code by the time they are finished with it and tagging it as their own. Offenders may be IP banned from using this website with little or no warning.

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